Six Benefits of a Professional Internship


Understanding What an Internship Can Offer You

For the majority of students, the overarching goal of attending a college or university is to help prepare themselves for achieving a successful and rewarding career. To aid students in the transition between college and the workforce, Campus Wichita dedicates the time and resources necessary to help Kansas college and university students find paid summer internships in their field of study. Learn more as we detail the top six benefits of participating in a professional internship program below! 

Obtain Valuable Real-World Experience

One of the greatest struggles for many college students seeking employment post-graduation is a lack of professional work experience. It can be frustrating when you find yourself with little to contribute in a job interview, especially when the interviewer doesn’t ask any questions related to your recent geology project or accounting exam! An easy way to obtain some real-world work experience in your field of study is by participating in an internship program. Not only will an internship allow you to put your education to practice, but it will also give you a competitive advantage when seeking employment after graduation. This invaluable experience cannot be obtained in a classroom setting!

Develop and Refine Your Skills

Because an internship provides you an opportunity to learn about your specific strengths and weaknesses, it can be beneficial when helping develop and refine your skills. During this time, you will receive valuable feedback from your supervisors and other established professionals in the field, which will help teach you about necessary professional skills outside of your field of study, such as growth and development skills and learning to communicate with coworkers and supervisors effectively. Internships also offer a low-stake environment that allows you to embrace your mistakes and ask lots of questions. Get the most out of your internship by staying involved and keeping an open mindset. 

Boost Your Resume

Let’s face it, your chances of getting a job are much better if you have some sort of relevant professional experience, even if that experience comes from an internship! Because your resume can easily be lost in a sea of similar resumes for recent graduates, you must first get the employer’s attention and then show that you have the skills and abilities necessary to do the job successfully. Not only can an internship improve the experience section listed on your resume, but it will include examples of how you applied the problem-solving skills you learned to accomplish different goals. This ability to provide detailed examples of your specific skills is the gateway toward standing out in your resume and, ultimately, an interview.

Network With Other Professionals

One of the greatest networking opportunities of your early career can be found through an internship. While interning, go out of your way to connect and make friends with everyone at the company and demonstrate how professional, valuable, and reliable a team player you are. You never know when someone in your networking circle knows of an opportunity you would be perfect for. By developing a quality list of professional connections, you can help set yourself up for greater chances of success when looking for your first professional position.  

Discover Your Passion

Did you know that over 80% of college students change their major at least once during the course of their college education? That is because it is nearly impossible to know what you want to do without actually doing it! Internships are that perfect opportunity to test out your potential career path and further determine what you might like to pursue before committing yourself to a long-term position. You will gain a multitude of new experiences and be able to “test drive” the day-to-day duties of a career similar to yours. Based on these experiences, you can begin narrowing down what you want in a job later on. 

Gain Confidence

The one thing that no class or program can teach you is confidence! Entering the professional workforce can be highly intimidating, especially when it’s your very first full-time position. An internship can help alleviate some of this intimidation and equip you with the confidence you need to succeed in your job search. You will know what to expect during the hiring process, and you will be confident in your skills, knowing that you can perform the required duties, communicate with other coworkers, and exceed the expectations of your supervisors. Rather than learn these things during your first job out of college, find an internship to provide you with the confidence you need to succeed! 



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