Internships 101: How To Prepare for Your First Day


Reduce Your Workplace Anxiety and First-Day Jitters

Have you finally secured your dream internship? The networking, applications, and interviews have paid off, but wait—you’re not entirely out of the woods yet. There’s still preparation that needs to take place before your first day on the job! At Campus Wichita, we help find summer internships for college students, along with professional development opportunities and networking events in Wichita. Learn more as we detail everything you need to know to properly prepare for the first day of your new internship! 

Google Yourself

While most people don’t consider this part of pre-internship preparation, it’s important to Google yourself before your first day of work. This way, you can sift through the search results to ensure that anything that could be construed as “risky” is hidden or removed from your social media profiles. Don’t be afraid to appear in the search results, though; companies understand that everyone has an online presence and have come to expect Facebook vacation photos and Twitter diatribes. Just double-check your privacy settings and maintain an air of professionalism when posting online. 

Do Your Research

The most important thing you can do to prepare yourself for the first day of any internship is to do your research. Not only should you research industry-related news and take specific note of any relevant trends, thought leaders, or companies, but you should also do thorough research on the company you are interning for. No matter how much industry research you have conducted, it’s most beneficial to have as much updated information as possible about your company and its culture before you begin your internship. Browse anything from your company’s website and social media channels to reviews and feedback from recent employees and customers. You can never be equipped with too much information!

Prepare Questions

Just like going into an interview, it’s always beneficial to arrive to your first day of work with some prepared questions. Internships are meant to help you learn and further discover what you are interested in pursuing as a career, so it’s the perfect time to be curious and engaged. While you aren’t expected to have a significant amount of knowledge or experience yet, reflect on what you would like to learn more about and carefully craft questions that will help you gather this knowledge and shape your opinions. Because an internship can be exactly what you make of it, start out your first day by asking some of these initial inquisitive questions, and be upfront with any potential concerns. This will set you up to be as successful as possible and leave the door open for you to share your ideas along the way.

Update Your Wardrobe

Although most companies have transitioned toward more relaxed dress codes in recent years, it’s always important to put your best foot forward when starting a new position, which begins with your professional appearance. If you are worried about being overdressed, consult with your assigned supervisor and inquire about the dress code to ensure that you are not uncomfortable with your outfit choice. If you are interning at an agency, you may be allowed to dress casually, but if you are interning at a type of corporate office, you may be required to dress more business professional. Whatever the dress policy, it never hurts to add a few professional pieces to your wardrobe so that you can dress up your current attire whenever need be.

Practice Your Commute

If you have ever been stuck in traffic before an important event, you know how daunting a lengthy morning commute can be. Reduce some stress and alleviate your first-day jitters by practicing your morning commute before your first day. Wake up early, take the exact route that you will normally take, and note the amount of time it takes you to get from your home to the office. This way, you can plan some buffer time into your schedule to ensure that you arrive on your first day early and ready to go! While it may seem unnecessary, the last thing you want to do is arrive late on your first day because you were unsure about the commute. If you plan on taking public transportation, double-check the daily schedules and give it a test run to make sure you have it perfected.



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