How To Turn Your Internship Into a Full-Time Position


Successfully Transition Toward Long-Term Employment

It’s no secret that internships are an excellent way for college and university students to gain professional work experience while trying out different positions, but they also provide employers with an opportunity to test potential hires. As a young professional entering the workforce, growing with a company can be particularly advantageous financially, and securing a position after graduation is the ideal outcome for any internship. Campus Wichita works to match Kansas college and university students with internships and has detailed some helpful tips to successfully turn your internship into a full-time position. Learn more below! 

Take Advantage of Networking Opportunities

There’s no better place to network than an internship program, and it’s been proven that the interns who take advantage of the power of networking have the greatest success with securing full-time employment once the duration of the internship has ended. Start by establishing connections and relationships with your supervisor and the direct team you will be working with. Check in with your supervisor frequently to ensure you are meeting expectations and alert them of your recent accomplishments. You can look to your supervisor as a coach who is likely interested in developing you professionally, so take advantage of this access and ask questions to demonstrate your willingness to learn. Don’t forget to build connections with other full-time company employees who will likely give your supervisor a review of your internship performance!

Pay Attention to Detail

Most often, the key to a full-time position is in the details. You can easily have the same qualifications as other applicants, but if you can demonstrate great attention to detail, that will be the deciding factor for most employers. Be punctual, show up each day ready to work at the expected time, and follow all company dress codes and office policies. By taking the time to learn organizational rules and guidelines, you can save yourself some potentially costly mistakes. Additionally, respect all assignment deadlines to demonstrate your understanding of how your work contributes to the company’s overall goals.  

Stay in Touch

Many companies with formal internship programs begin discussing long-term employment opportunities with interns before the program has ended. Interns that follow up with employers proactively rather than waiting for an offer are more likely to be placed before graduation. If you aren’t sure what to say when staying in touch, keep updated on current industry trends or company news, and reach out to congratulate your previous supervisor on positive accomplishments! It’s also beneficial to send a short thank-you note upon completing your internship so that you will leave a favorable impression on your potential employer. This will also leave the door open for inquiring about job openings in the future! 

Show Company Appreciation

Throughout your internship, show that you not only appreciate the opportunity to intern but that you care about the company’s goals and success in general. You can offer your insight and problem-solving skills to identify and address problems that may need fixed within the company. This will not only show your supervisor your willingness to take initiative, but you will be able to offer outside-the-box ideas that may provide solutions to current problems that have been unidentified. Be prepared to offer new ideas, be collaborative in a team setting, and demonstrate a strong work ethic by providing other ways to help out when your daily tasks are completed. 

Ask for a Job!

While this may seem like the most obvious piece of advice, many college interns are hesitant to ask for full-time employment during their internship. Still, the best way to get a new job is to ask for one!  Make it clear during your internship that you are seeking a full-time role, and don’t assume that your supervisor will know that is what you are looking for. Because many students accept internships for the experience alone, it’s imperative that you make it known what you want and inquire about potential opportunities when the time feels appropriate. Not only will this show your enthusiasm for the company, but it will help you stay in mind when any positions do become available. If your coworkers know you want to stay with the company, they can be some of your greatest advocates when positions open up!



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