Seven Ways To Find Your Perfect Internship


The Search Is Officially On!

Are you currently looking for an internship to help gain valuable work experience and pad your resume? While there are many ways you can approach your search, finding the perfect internship that matches your goals and desired outcomes requires extensive research and planning. Campus Wichita has experience matching college and university students with paid summer internship opportunities that suit their interests and has compiled seven ways to help find your perfect internship below! 

Start Your Search Early

If you are unsure when to start searching for an internship, it’s helpful to note that specific industries begin hiring interns as early as November of the year prior to graduation. While you can technically apply and find an internship anytime you like, we recommend starting the search early and outlining some of your broad career interests. This will become helpful when navigating the deadlines for specific industry internships and will afford you some lead time when gathering your application materials. Don’t miss out on a dream internship opportunity because you waited too long to apply; begin your search today to land a position at the company of your choice! 

Compile Your Materials

Although applications may differ, the process of applying to internships is relatively similar to applying for a full-time job. If you were searching for a full-time position, you would undoubtedly spend time ensuring your resume is up to date and appears professional and organized, in addition to creating customized cover letters and a list of professional references. You should put this same effort into your internship search and tweak your resume and cover letter to fit the description of your internship. If you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile, we recommend setting up an account with a professional headshot, a short bio about yourself, and your past experience. In modern times, it’s almost unheard of for employers to avoid checking a candidate’s social media profiles before interviewing them!

Attend Career Fairs

If you’re a fan of in-person meetups and building personal connections in real-time, a career fair may be the perfect place for you to connect with potential employers! Check with the Career Center at your local college to identify upcoming events and inquire about internship fairs explicitly geared toward helping students find internships in their field of study. Top employers often attend career fairs to recruit and eventually hire prospective interns and full-time employees. If you’re planning on attending a career fair in your area, come prepared with multiple copies of your resume, and curate a 60-second elevator pitch introduction that describes your value as an intern and your hopes in an internship. 

Utilize Online Platforms

In modern days, practically everything has gone digital, including job searches! The most important thing to know when searching for internship opportunities is where to look. Establish yourself on LinkedIn and use their online job search tool to browse internship listings in your area. Aside from populating a comprehensive list of internships in your area with your desired focus, it will also alert you if anybody in your contact list works at a company you wish to apply for! Additionally, school job listing sites, alumni networks, and sites like Glassdoor and can offer many valuable resources when searching for an internship. 

Network With Industry Professionals

When searching for a suitable internship, don’t forget to speak with family, friends, college advisors, former employers, and campus faculty. Many times, people in your network may know of opportunities not listed on job boards or at career fairs. Let these people know what type of position you are searching for and what you hope to learn, and have them keep you in mind moving forward. You may also reach out to alumni from your university and set up informational interviews to learn more about your career options, which may eventually lead to a new opportunity.

Directly Contact Employers

Many students have a specific company in mind that they would like to intern for. If this is the case, visit the employer’s office or email them directly to inquire about availability and open positions. Oftentimes, if an organization does not have a public listing for an internship, you may be able to sell yourself enough that they create an internship for you! 

Practice Mock Interviews

Once you have secured an interview, it’s important to practice mock interviews with other students, professors, or friends. Because many of these interviews will be conducted over the phone or on Zoom, it’s still important to dress professionally, maintain eye contact with your interviewer, and answer all questions to the best of your abilities. Practice running through potential questions and formulating possible responses that best demonstrate your problem-solving and communication skills. A good way to make a lasting impression is to come prepared with thoughtful questions to ask your interviewer about the position to show your interest and curiosity! 



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