Attract Prospective Interns With These Benefits


And Yes, Interns Are Looking for More Than Compensation!

While many companies believe they have their pick of endlessly available interns, the talent pool has become increasingly competitive, with many interns applying for multiple companies each year. If your organization wants to attract the top talent and find valuable contributors to add to your team, you need to create an internship program that appeals to students. Campus Wichita has experience creating internship programs for local area businesses and understands what students are looking for in terms of benefits. Learn more below as we detail how to attract prospective interns to your company! 


We’ll cut to the chase—not all internships are about the money. In fact, most are solely for the experience, but no matter how motivated you are to gain valuable industry experience, sometimes you just can’t afford to work for free. In today’s workplace, more and more companies are offering some type of compensation for interns in addition to college credit hours. Before you determine that your company can’t compensate interns, weigh the pros and cons of offering a modest wage to new interns. This will not only attract additional candidates, but it will show your prospective interns that you care about the well-being and stability of your team! 


Most likely, your interns will be recent college graduates or busy college students with a complicated schedule, so it’s beneficial to offer as much flexibility as possible. Remember that your interns aren’t full-time employees and shouldn’t be burdened with other employees’ responsibilities or duties, but rather should be there to help and contribute their own ideas. Delegate tasks and allow them to be completed how and when they choose, as long as all predetermined deadlines are met. Providing your team with a proper work-life balance between their internship and school life will help applicants look favorably upon your company and attract motivated interns ready to contribute their ideas to the team. Positive intern experiences oftentimes lead people to recommend your company to their colleagues, so ensure your interns’ experience is positive and accommodating to their schedule.

Networking Opportunities

What you can provide interns outside of the office may put you ahead of the recruiting competitors. Networking is a pivotal part of each recent graduate’s professional growth, so meetings, seminars, and work-related events should be part of your offerings for young professionals just starting their careers. If you aren’t looking to offer your interns full-time positions once the program is over, follow up with valuable leads or job prospects to help them explore their future opportunities. If your company becomes known for helping match interns with full-time employment, you will begin attracting top-performing talent to your organization!

Appealing Work Environment

Like your full-time employees, your interns want to report to a comfortable work environment each day. You should provide each intern a workspace where they don’t feel like an inconvenience or as if they are intruding on another employee’s territory. Additionally, they should have their own chair, desk, and access to the equipment necessary to perform the job, such as a computer, printer, phone, etc. Because your team spends such a significant amount of time in the office, strive to make it as welcoming and comfortable as possible. 



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